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Requests for Financial Aid

Procedure for Requesting Financial Assistance

Euro Football Club reserves some limited funds each year to help reduce the costs of playing soccer.  

But as a non-profit organization, we are not able to grant all requests.  In order to provide consistency and a well-defined process, we have formalized the process in recent years.

Submitting a Request for Assistance

At the bottom of this page, is a link to our online financial aid form.   In addition to this form, it is critical to provide supporting documentation so the board can properly assess your request.  The simplest option is to provide proof of reduced or free lunches.

If your family does not qualify for the lunch program, then other documentation of income along with any unique considerations would be required to approve assistance.

Euro will contact you with instructions on how to complete your online player registration once the decision on aid has been made (so your payment can reflect any aid awarded).  Do not send any money with the Financial Aid documents.

All decisions are made by the Euro Board,  and all supporting documentation is considered confidential and is not shared outside of the board meetings.  Assistance provided one season is not a guarantee of assistance in future years.  The same request and documentation are required for every season for which aid is being requested.

The Supporting Paperwork should be sent to:

Euro Football Club
P.O. Box 7044
Rochester, MN 55903-7044

or emailed to: