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Goalkeeper Private Instruction Session Requests

Session Information

Each session is approximately 1 hour.  

There is a discount for any player who participated in a Euro Season in the last 12 months.  This would include Spring/Summer, Fall, or Futsal programs.  For group lessons, the discount applies as long as one person meets the criteria.

Session can be Individual or for Groups up to 6

click on email below to complete your request

Advanced Goalkeeper Training

with Coach Gabriel Brigatto

Become the best goalkeeper you can be in the Brazilian way!
Coach Gabriel Brigatto will be working on weaknesses and strength for each specific GK using many different drills looking to improve technique with explosiveness , reaction time, agility and confidence. Methods used in Brazil are incorporated into this clinic. Gabriel was a professional Goalkeeper in Ireland and he will teach you everything that you need.  Each session will contain topics related to the 4 major categories below, or can be customized to player need.

Request for Private Training Sessions

Click on the email link below to make your request.  Required information will include:
1. Player's full name.
2. Player's date of birth.
3. Name of Euro Team in last 12 months if applicable.
4. Name of Coach you are requesting training sessions with.
5. Session package you are requesting.
6.  Best contact information for coach to reply and schedule the sessions.

click on email below to complete your request