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Euro FC Refund Request Policy

Euro FC Refund Request Policy

  1. No refunds shall be issued unless:

    1. A player cannot be placed on a team at or one year above of the player’s appropriate USSF defined birth year.

    2. Or a refund request is completed and one of the following criteria are met:

      1. A withdrawal request is made to the Board of Directors before the release of team rosters or practices times for the registered season or session.  Automatic full refund.

      2. A player injury or illness prior to season start – injury/illness description and time of play restriction must be provided by the athlete’s health care provider.  Board review required for a refund

      3. Other  submitted requests (to be considered as rare exceptions)

  2. Refunds may be prorated after administrative fees, if requested for partial season and granted.

  3. Refunds are subject to administrative fee as currently defined.  

  4. All refund requests must be made through the refund request form and will require  review by the Euro FC Executive Board, or Board of Directors

    1. No refund requests are guaranteed.

    2. Upon review, refunds may be given and may be pro-rated or partial refunds.   

  5. Refunds should be requested via:

    1. The Euro FC refund request link:  refund request link.

    2. Via mail at PO Box 7044, Rochester MN, 55903.

      1. mailed requests may take additional time to review

      2. mailed requests may require additional information, which could create delays

      3. mailed requests are strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary

(last revised 9/5/2018