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Rochester Fall Tiny Tots Program: 3U-5U

Rochester  TINY TOTS!!


Avoid the Late Fee

Register by August 12th!


Space is limited, so please register early!


Soccer team registration is determined by a birth year rule.  

The year used to determine soccer age for this summer is 2019 - (player birth year), please see MYSA's Birth Year Chart for details.

The result will give you the "U" soccer age the player can participate at.  The rules follow a soccer age and under participation guideline, i.e. 5U means soccer age players 5 and under can play on a team.  For the younger age groups, we try to keep kids on squads with the designated soccer age listed.  Occasionally players can play up a year, in the Tiny Tots program.  A player can never play "down" (at a lower soccer age) in tournament play, but may be allowed to do this in the Mini Kicks and Tiny Tots programs.  As a rule, teams in these programs are formed based on age, but players move around a bit based on need to fill team slots.


Registration deadline without a late fee will be 08/12/2018.  After that date, registration will be accepted with a late fee of $20 and all practice slots will be assigned by coaching.  Registration not guaranteed after this date, but we will do everything we can to accommodate all players.

Program Details

The 2108 Euro FC Mini Kicks Summer Season starts the week of August 27th, and runs through October 4th .    This is an outdoor fall program to get some sun in before hibernation!

Tiny Tots is part of Euro FC's youngest youth development league.  We introduce soccer to our Tiny Tots in a fun and less expensive environment.  Our goal is to help young players develop motor and social skills, stay active, and learn to love soccer.  All Tiny Tots Soccer coaching will be provided by Tetra Brazil Coaches.

Tiny Tots soccer is a six week program during the mid morning to get your kids outside and enjoying some fun games and soccer activity!  We will offer one day a week or two days a week training.

All newly registered players will get a Tiny Tots Soccer T-shirt.  

This as in town program only, with games and scrimmages the days of practice.  We have a curriculum we will follow over the course of six weeks, which is based off of a curriculum developed by Challenger Sports.  Challenger has vast experience internationally training young children in early soccer development.    Euro FC is very excited about partnering with Challenger Sports and TetraBrazil Soccer to bring this program to our community!

The most important consideration for our Tiny Tots Soccer program is for the players to have fun with soccer.  Practices and player development are structured more for activity and fun.  If you have a 5U child that wants to play a few games along with the training, they could consider "playing up" in the Mini Kicks Program instead of playing in the Tiny Tots program.  Talk with Angelo Tartaglia ( if you have questions on this.  This may require an assessment by coaching to make sure the player is ready for this step.

Here are some of the specific attributes of the program:

  • 2018 Fall Season:  Runs August 27th to October 4th.
  • Training Schedule
    • 2x per week (M/W or T/Th) 
    • 1x per week (M/T/W/Th) 
    • ‚Äč50 minute practice sessions
    • Session Time 9:30am-10:30am or 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Location Kepp Fields in Rochester (Click Here for Google Map)
  • Age Groups
    • 3U/4U Coed 
      • 1 or 2 day a week training
      • planned 8 players per training session, max 10
    • 4U/5U Girls or Boys
      • 1 or 2 day a week training
      • Boys teams separate from Girls Teams as able
      • planned 8 players per training session, max 10
  • Cost for Training Sessions
    • $80 per player for 2 days a week training
    • $50 per player for 1 day a week training
  • Uniform
    • Each new player will be given a Euro Tiny Tots Soccer T-shirt
    • Your player can use this shirt until entering the Mini Kicks program. 
    • players should wear soccer shoes and shin guards 

Anticipated Training Schedule (Subject to change based on registration)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4-5U Boys 1 4-5U Girls 1 4-5U Boys 1 4-5U Girls 1
4-5U Girls 2 4-5U Boys 2 4-5U Girls 2 4-5U Boys 2
3-4U Coed 1 3-4U Coed 2 3-5U Coed 1 3-4U Coed 2
3-4U Coed 3 3-4U Coed 4 4-5U Boys 3 4-5U Girls 3

Same Anticipated Training Matrix for the AM and PM Sessions

4-5U Boys 1&2, 4-5U Girls 1&, and 3-4U Coed 1 & 2 practice two days a week

4-5U Boys 3, 4-5U Girls 3, 3-4U Coed 3 & 4 practice one day a week

Questions? Please contact our Tiny Tots Coordinator, Kelly Jacobs

Kelly Jacobs

Euro FC Mini Kicks and Tiny Tots Coordinator