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Spring/Summer Program

Regular Registration is Closed

for the 2018 Summer Season!

Email Angelo Tartaglia to confirm that you should register, and please note, there will be a $25 dollar late fee.

Click here to contact Angelo, and make sure to include the age and sex of the player your are asking about.


This registration does not include Mini Kicks.  Look for Mini Kicks Registration specifically under the Mini Kicks tabs



Please see the information below regarding the Summer Season.


This year tournament participation requires two separate registrations:

  1. 2018 Rochester Summer Program: Required for all 9U and older summer program participants.  
  2. 2018 Summer Tournament Participant: Required for all registrants of the 2018 Rochester Summer Program (or 2018 Academy Program) that have chosen to participate in one or more tournaments.  (Training only registrants are not required to complete this.)

Euro FC Rochester 9U-19U Summer Competitive Program

The Euro Football Club's main program is the Spring/Summer Competitive program.  Training is conducted either 2x/week or 4x/week depending upon ages, and teams participate in four tournaments during the summer, all on the weekends, except the USA Cup Week for some.  


Season Dates:

  • This year the Summer training season runs from April 30th - July 12th,
  • Final Tournament is either the weekend of July 13-15, or the week of July 17 - July 21. 


Practice Times:

  • April 30th through June 7th
    • early practice - 5:30 to 6:45 pm
    • late practice   - 6:45 to 8:00 pm
  • June 11th through July 12th
    • early practice - 5:30 to 7:00 pm
    • late practice   - 7:00 to 8:30 pm


Practice Location:  Kepp Fields

  • New practice location, with better fields
  • 20th Street SE and Marion Road Intersection
  • Near the Armory
  • Click here for the location on google maps


Team Formation

Teams will be formed by Euro FC's Director of Coaching and Technical Director, and rosters will be announced during the final two weeks of February.

  • Euro FC's Competitive program does NOT use tryouts to form teams
  • Players aged 8U thru 19U are invited to register for tournament play
  • Ages may be combined at the discretion of the Directors
  • Competitive levels of the teams will be decided upon by the Directors prior to tournament registration
  • Special requests may be specified at time of registration, but we will not be able to guarantee they can be accommodated


All Euro FC teams are coached by professional coaching staff provided by our coaching provider TetraBrazil, and selected by our Director of Coaching and Technical Director.  Some of the details of the Euro FC training program are as follows:

  • Teams will be coached according to the Club's curriculum.
  • 9U-12U teams will train on M/W or T/TH during the early practice.
  • 13U-19U teams train Monday through Thursday during either the early or late practice.
  • Training only options are available for players new to soccer, or those who wish not to participate in tournaments.
  • Attendance is strongly encouraged, and absences may affect playing time.


The Euro FC Competitive program is a training and tournament based program.  Below are some details regarding this program.

  • Tournaments are typically in the Twin Cities and held on the weekends.  
  • The new Euro uniform kit (details below) will be required to participate in tournaments.
  • Practice gear will be available for the players.  Wearing practice gear is strongly encouraged.  For the competitive program, practice colors are royal blue shirts, and royal blue or black shorts.
  • There is a Training Only option for players that do not want to, or can not commit to playing tournaments.  Training Only players will automatically be placed into Euro's guest player pool.
  • All teams will be registered for and participate in 4 tournaments, including the season ending USA Cup Weekend (9U-11U), or the USA Cup Week (12U - 19U).
  • New this year - tournament fees for 4 tournaments will be collected at time of registration.  This is being done to:
    • Ensure a minimum number of tournaments for all teams
    • Simplify the job of team manager (no longer responsible for collecting tournament fees)
    • Ease the financial burden on families of tournament fees by allowing them to be paid as part of the registration's payment plan
  • IF teams choose to participate in additional tournaments, they can work with their team manager to collect fees and register for additional tournaments, as done in previous seasons.
    • Coaching coverage will need to be coordinated with the club
    • Coaching coverage for additional tournaments cannot be guaranteed
  • Euro FC's Director of Coaching and Technical Director will select the the tournaments for teams to play in.
    • Not all teams will play in the same tournaments due to different age groups offered, and different competitive levels for various tournaments.
    • It is necessary for the Club to coordinate the tournaments teams will play in due to the complicated logistics and cost of coaching coverage.
  • Tournament Dates:  Below are the weekend dates that tournaments will be played for Summer 2018.  Some weekends may have different tournaments available to play in.  Which tournaments played in by each team will ultimately be determined by our Director of Coaching (DOC), in collaboration with team managers.  Two important points:

1.  The USA Cup has various restrictions on who can play the week and who can play the weekend.  All teams above 12U level should plan to play the USA Cup Week, as the weekend is a C1 only tournament for the older ages.  All teams 10U and below should plan on playing the USA Cup Weekend.  These are default expectations for USA cup week, but individual teams can discuss week vs weekend, and request a variance.  This variance would have to be approved by the DOC.

2.  Each team will be able to pick between the weekend of May 26th-28th or June 1st-3rd.  We realize that time of year has more conflicts with vacation, spring school sports, and end of school year activities; therefore, we have built a little flexibility into the schedule here.  We have also avoided early season tournaments to lessen conflicts with end of school year activities.  If teams desire to play in tournaments earlier, they can request permission to register for an additional tournament via the DOC.  If coaching coverage is available, we will allow for this, but coaching travel expenses, food, hotels and tournament registrations will have to be paid by the teams in advance.

  • May 26-28****
  • June 1-3****
  • June 15-17
  • June 22-24
  • July 13-21 (USA Cup Week and Weekend)  

**** indicates teams will need to pick one of two weekends, based school graduations and end of school year commitments


This year, Euro FC has adopted a new logo and selected a new uniform provider that will better be able to serve the Club. 

  • All tournament participants will be required to purchase a new Euro uniform kit.
  • Kits will include socks, a single pair of shorts, and two jerseys tops.
  • Kits are currently anticpated to cost around $125.
  • Information on uniform sizing and ordering will be communicated as the details are finalized.


The training fees for the competitive program cover:

  • Increased MYSA registration fees
  • Sport Engine registration fees
  • Increased Rochester Parks and Rec field usage fees
  • Coaching costs: salary, housing, transportation, and insurance

This year's competitive program fees are as follows:

  • Training 
    • 8U - 12U: Training 2x/week - $310
    • 13U - 19U: Training 4x/week - $465
    • 17U - 19U: Training 2x/week - $315
  • New This Year - Tournament registration fees will be collected at time of registration.  This will include projected cost for registering teams for 4 tournaments, and includes the USA Cup per player fees.
    • 8U - 12U: Tournaments - $185
    • 13U - 19U: Tournaments - $210

Payment Plan and Late Fees

When registering, there will be two payment plans available.

  1. 100% at time of registration
  2. Six payments 
    1. 1st - at time of registration
    2. 2nd - 1/1/2018
    3. 3rd - 2/1/2018
    4. 4th - 3/1/2018
    5. 5th - 4/1/2018
    6. 6th - 5/1/2018
  3. Late fee of $25 will be assessed to all registrations completed after 1/15/2018
  4. No guaranteed roster slots will be available when registering after 1/15/2018



It is the Club's policy to not issue refunds except under exceptional circumstances.  If you feel a refund is necessary and your situation warrants it, a refund may be requested via the link below.  Please note: Euro FC will be unable to refund any tournament fees.

Sibling Discounts

Euro FC's Sibling Discount Program is Ending:

After careful deliberation, the Euro Football Club has come to the conclusion that we have to end the practice of sibling discounts.  While we fully understand this will have a financial impact on our families with multiple children in our programs (including the majority of the Board members), it was decided sibling discounts had to end because:

  • Our costs for programs do not go down, so the sibling discounts benefitted some club members, but resulted in increased costs other members of the Club.
  • The program did not take into account financial need, and many were getting sibling discounts that may not truly have a need for them.
  • The Club was actually loosing money on every registration beyond a 3rd sibling. 
  • The club was unable to accurately budget program costs with unknown numbers of registrants that would be receiving discounts.

We believe the ability to offer well-defined payment plans, and this year's ability to include the tournament fees in those plans, will help families with the costs associated with the Euro programming.

Euro FC is striving to make soccer affordable to all, and every attempt will be made to offer financial aid to those in need.  Please see the section below for more details.

Financial Aid

Availability of financial aid is made on a season to season basis.  Click here to obtain information and apply for financial aid.  


Please note:  The deadline for submitting your

financial aid application for the 2018 Summer

Season is January 8th, 2017.