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Winona 9U-13U Fall Competitive Program

Winona 9U-13U

Competitive Program

Late Registration Open

There are limited spots available for the fall program.  Please do not register at this time without first email Nicolle Tober to assure there is a roster space is available (



Soccer team registration is determined by a birth year rule.  

The current soccer year is used to determine soccer age.  The current soccer year runs from August 1st to July 31st each year.  So the fall season of each year is the time when a player's soccer year advances.  The year used to determine soccer age for the upcoming session is the higher number of the current soccer year.  The current soccer year is 2018-2019 - please see MYSA's Birth Year Chart for details.  Essentially, you take the current soccer year and subtract the birth year of your child (eg.  a child born in 2014 gives 2019-2014=5.  5U would be the soccer age)

The result will give you the "U" soccer age the player can participate at.  The rules follow a soccer age and under participation guideline, i.e. 5U means soccer age players 5 and under can play on a team.  For the younger age groups, we try to keep kids on squads with the designated soccer age listed.  Occasionally players can play up a year, in the Tiny Tots program.  A player can never play "down" (at a lower soccer age) in tournament play, but may be allowed to do this in the Mini Kicks and Tiny Tots programs.  As a rule, teams in these programs are formed based on age, but players move around a bit based on need to fill team slots.

Euro FC Winona Fall Competitive Program

The Fall season is runs from August 20-October 21 and includes 2 tournaments and 3 jamborees.

Practice Location:  Lake Park Bandshell Soccer Fields

Practice Times: 

  • Boys U9 (Birth year 2010): Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:30
  • Girls U9 (Birth year 2010): MondayWednesday 5:15-6:30
  • Boys U10 (Birth year 2009): Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:45
  • Girls U10 (Birth year 2009): Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:15
  • Boys U11 (Birth year 2008): Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:45
  • Girls U11 (Birth year 2008): Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:45
  • Boys U12 (Birth year 2007): Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:45
  • Girls U12 (Birth year 2007): Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:45
  • Boys U13 (Birth year 2006): Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:45
  • Girls U13 (Birth year 2006): Monday/Wednesday 5:15-6:45

Team Formation

Teams will be formed by Winona Euro FC's Director of Coaching and rosters will be announced in early August.

  • Euro FC's Competitive program does NOT use tryouts to form teams
  • Players aged U9 thru U13 are invited to register for tournament play
    • 8U aged players are invited based upon approval by the Directors
    • Depending upon numbers, 13U teams have not always been formed
    • If a player can not be placed upon a team, a full refund will be granted
  • Ages may be combined at the discretion of the Directors
  • Competitive levels of the teams will be decided upon by the Directors prior to tournament registration
  • Special requests may be specified at time of registration, but we will not be able to guarantee they can be accommodated


All Euro FC teams are coached by professional coaching staff provided by our coaching provider TetraBrazil, and selected by our Director of Coaching and Technical Director.  Some of the details of the Euro FC training program are as follows:

  • Teams will be coached according to the Club's curriculum.
  • During the Fall all teams practice twice a week, M/W or T/TH
  • Training only options are available for players new to soccer, or those who wish not to participate in tournaments.
  • Attendance is strongly encouraged, and absences may affect playing time.

Tournaments and Jamborees

The Euro FC Competitive program is a training and tournament based program.  Below are some details regarding this program.

  • The new Euro uniform kit (details below) will be required to participate in tournaments and jamborees.
  • Training Only players will automatically be placed into Euro's guest player pool.
  • Tournament and Jamboree Schedule:
    • September 8 - Jamboree - La Crosse, WI
    • September 14-16 - Fall Fury Tournament - Madison, WI
    • September 29 - Jamboree - Location TBD
    • October 13 - Jamboree - Location TBD
    • October 19-21 - Coulee Cup Tournament - La Crosse, WI
  • Optional Focused Training and Pelada: August 31, September 7, October 5



  • All tournament participants will be required to play with the Euro Adidas uniform kit
  • Kits will include socks, a single pair of shorts, and two jerseys tops.
  • Kits are currently anticipated to cost around $125 dollars.
  • Information on uniform sizing and ordering will be communicated as the details are finalized.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  With the new jerseys we are reassigning jersey numbers.  Every attempt has been made to keep prior numbers, but this cannot be guaranteed.  


The training fees for the competitive program cover:

  • US Club and/or MYSA registration fees
  • Sport Engine registration fees
  • Parks and Rec field usage fees
  • Coaching costs: salary, housing, transportation, and insurance

This year's competitive program fees are as follows:

  • Training 
    • U9 - U13: Training and Tournaments - $240
    • U9-U13: Practice only - $150


Payment Plan and Late Fees

When registering, there will be two payment plans available.

  1. 100% at time of registration
  2. Three payments 
    1. 40% - at time of registration
    2. 30% - 8/1/2018
    3. 30% - 9/1/2018

Registration Deadline:  7/23/18

A late fee of $25 will be assessed to all registrations completed starting on 7/23/2018, and registrations after this date are not guaranteed a tournament roster slot.


It is the Club's policy to not issue refunds except under exceptional circumstances.  If you feel a refund is necessary and your situation warrants it, a refund may be requested via the link below.  Refunds will not be granted following the release of rosters.

Click here for refund policy.

Please note: Euro FC will be unable to refund any tournament fees after tournament registration has been completed.

Team Managers

Every team will still require a Team Manager.  If you are willing to manage a team, please indicate so on the registration form.  



Availability of financial aid is made on a season to season basis.  We will determine the amount of financial aid available and award financial aid after roster formation for the fall season.  Click here to obtain information and apply for financial aid.   Refunds will not be granted if financial aid requests are not granted; therefore, do not register your child unless you plan to participate with or without financial aid requests being filled!  

After the roster formation meeting, we will determine availability of spots for players requesting financial aid.  If you receive aid, and have not registered, you will be given instructions on how register.  If you have registered, and aid was awarded, you will receive a refund in the amount of aid.  No aid is ever guaranteed.

Please note:  The deadline for submitting your

financial aid application for the 2018 Fall

Season is July 23rd, 2018.

Questions? Please contact our our Winona Coordinator

Nicolle Tober

Euro FC Winona Program Coordinator