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Winona 5U-8U Fall Mini Kicks



Late Registration Open

There are limited spots available for the fall program.  Please do not register at this time without first email Nicolle Tober to assure there is a roster space is available (


Soccer team registration is determined by a birth year rule.  

The current soccer year is used to determine soccer age.  The current soccer year runs from August 1st to July 31st each year.  So the fall season of each year is the time when a player's soccer year advances.  The year used to determine soccer age for the upcoming session is the higher number of the current soccer year.  The current soccer year is 2018-2019 - please see MYSA's Birth Year Chart for details.  Essentially, you take the current soccer year and subtract the birth year of your child (eg.  a child born in 2014 gives 2019-2014=5.  5U would be the soccer age)

The result will give you the "U" soccer age the player can participate at.  The rules follow a soccer age and under participation guideline, i.e. 5U means soccer age players 5 and under can play on a team.  For the younger age groups, we try to keep kids on squads with the designated soccer age listed.  Occasionally players can play up a year, in the Tiny Tots program.  A player can never play "down" (at a lower soccer age) in tournament play, but may be allowed to do this in the Mini Kicks and Tiny Tots programs.  As a rule, teams in these programs are formed based on age, but players move around a bit based on need to fill team slots.


Registration deadline without a late fee will be through the end of the day on 07/23/18.  After that date, registration will be accepted with a late fee of $25 and all practice slots will be assigned by coaching.  Registration not guaranteed after this date

Program Details

The 2108 Euro FC Mini Kicks Summer Season starts the week of August 20th.  

Mini Kicks is Euro FC's youth development league.  We introduce soccer to our youngest players in a fun and less expensive environment.  Our goal is to help young players learn to love soccer and prepare for the tournament league as they grow older.  All Mini Kicks coaching will be provided by Tetra Brazil Coaches.

Matching players skills and experience is extremely important in this age group.  Because of widely varying skills in players at this level, we will be doing assessments of players during the first week of the program.  Please plan on the fact that coaches will make recommendations for team changes after these assessments are completed - initial team formation is not final.

All newly registered players will need to get an official Adidas Euro FC Mini Kicks Uniform! 

The registration fee is as all-inclusive.  There are no additional game/player fees.  

The most important consideration for our Mini Kicks program is for the players to have fun with soccer.  Although there are games, they are structured more for activity and fun.  If you have a 8U child that wants a more competitive environment, they could consider "playing up" on a 9U Competitive team instead of playing in the Mini Kicks program.  Talk with Arthur Werneck ( if you have questions on this.  You child could be practice only on a 9U team, or play tournaments on a 9U team.  This would require an assessment by coaching to make sure the player is ready for this step.

Here are some of the specific attributes of the program:

  • Training Schedule
    • U6 (Birth year 2013)
      • Program Dates: August 20-October 12
      • Practice: Monday/Wednesday 4:00-4:45
      • Jamborees:
        • August 24 - Rochester, MN
        • September 21 - Winona, MN
        • September 28 - Rochester, MN
      • Optional Focused Training & Pelada
        • August 31, September 7, October 5
    • U7/8 (Birth year 2011-2012)
      • Program Dates: August 21-October 12
      • Practice: Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:00
      • Jamborees:
        • August 24 - Rochester, MN
        • September 21 - Winona, MN
        • September 28 - Rochester, MN
      • Optional Focused Training & Pelada
        • August 31, September 7, October 5
  • Location:  Lake Park Bandshell Soccer Fields
  • Cost for Training Sessions and Jamborees
    • $120
  • Uniform
    • Each player will be required to have a Euro FC Mini Kicks Adidas Uniform to wear at games.
    • Uniforms will be numbered on the back, with Euro logo on the front.
    • Uniforms are sold at our cost.
    • For those who do not have a mini kicks uniform, you will be required to purchase it at $65.  You will be asked to pay for this at the time of registration.  Your player can use this jersey until entering the 9U and up competitive program. 

Questions? Please contact our Winona Coordinator, Nicolle Tober

Nicole Tober

Euro FC Mini Kicks Coordinator